3 Page Creation


custom website design tailored to your specific business needs, which are of the highest quality at affordable prices.

You will get:
1. A professional responsive website design
2. Easy content management
3. Secure site configuration
4. Design flexibility

5. Server setup and site migration from local to live

A thrilled client is the main goal and motivation behind every custom website design project I take on. As a professional web designer, nothing is better than hearing that I’ve accomplished a client’s goals, visions and needs just as or better than imagined.


3 Page Web Design & Development using WordPress, HTML, CSS.

You will get:

  •  A modern, responsive and professionally designed website
  •  Easy content management (I will teach you how to edit/manage your website yourself)
  •  Contact forms
  •  Mailing list integration
  •  WordPress development including themes and plugins
  •  Social media configurations
  •  Stock images (If you do not have images)
  •  Security installations
  •  Design flexibility
  •  Temporary domain setup (so you can view your website while it is being created)
  •  Site migration to your server


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